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World of Maps




DESCRIPTION: There are over 40,000 maps in various research Departments of the National Museum of Natural History dating from the 1830s to the present. A project has been underway to organize the maps, create images of them and enter data about them into a database. The intern will assist in identifying obscure maps, creating images of the maps, editing the images, entering information about the maps into the database.

QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of the basics of maps and geography, basic computer skills.  Knowledge of nautical charts a plus.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:   The intern will increase knowledge of maps, cataloging procedures, digitizing techniques and materials handling.

TIMETABLE: Summer 2017 positions have been filled. Feel free to inquire about later internships.


Project Contact Name: Jim Harle

Phone: 410-940-8873

E-mail: harlej@si.edu