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Technical Writing for the Encyclopedia of Life

EncyclopediaDESCRIPTION: The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is seeking student interns to help with the writing of high priority species pages for special EOL projects and program areas. Interns will be able to select their topic area of organisms. Students interested in marine organisms, plants, and arthropods are particularly encouraged to apply. Interns will: participate in multiple writing/research assignments; survey available online resources for a given species; conduct literature research and communicate with subject area specialists; draft, write and edit species pages; and use and test EOL data entry tools. Interns may work on site at the NMNH in Washington, DC, or they may work remotely at their home institutions. Reliable internet access and the ability to participate in remote video conferences is essential for off-site interns.

QUALIFICATIONS: Undergraduate (junior or senior level) or graduate students or recent life science graduates. Candidates must have excellent writing skills, must be able to work independently and efficiently, and must be willing to meet project deadlines.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Interns will improve their writing and editing skills as well as learn more about their focus organism(s).

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Katja Schulz

Phone: None

E-mail: schulzk@si.edu