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Spring Break: Scanning Insect Legacy Literature


DESCRIPTION: Interns will acquire PDF scans of legacy primary literature which describes species of wasps whose holotypes are deposited in the National Insect Collection (National Museum of Natural History). These scans will be integrated into the USNMHymtypes database (http://www.usnmhymtypes.com/default.asp), an image repository of type specimens. The goal of this project is to internally link every species in the USNMHymTypes database to an electronic copy of the original publication.

QUALIFICATIONS: Basic experience with using computers, scanners, and web user interface useful.

LEARNING OBJECTIVESInterns will learn to how to: (1) scan to PDF required literature not currently available electronically (obtaining publisher permission as necessary); (2) provide all PDFs associated with each Hymenoptera type to our web contractor to fully integrate literature links into USNMHymtypes.

TIMETABLE: Spring Break


Project Contact Name: Michael W. Gates

Phone: 202-633-4554

E-mail: michael.gates@ars.usda.gov/matt.buffington@ars.usda.gov