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Invertebrate Zoology Collections Management

DESCRIPTION: The department of invertebrate zoology has the worlds’ largest collection of over 1.5 million invertebrates from around the world, with specimens dating back to the 1800’s.  We have specimens that are stored in alcohol or formalin, dry and on glass slides for the microscopic specimens, from the marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments.  We are in the process of re-organizing this massive collection and moving them from old storage containers and cabinets to new better archival quality containers.  We need help with this task and looking to train interns for hands on training and teaching collection management practices of various phyla of invertebrates.

QUALIFICATIONS: A general understanding of biological specimens is desired but not required.  We have trained interns that were math majors, but had a desire to learn more about museums and specimens.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  Interns will learn about collections management techniques for various groups of animals and get hands on experience working with for example: mollusk shells, crustaceans, echinoderms, corals, sponges and squids and octopus.

TIMETABLE: Spring break, Winter break or summer interns welcome


Project Contact Name: T. Chad Walter

Phone: 301-238-1764

E-mail: walterc@si.edu