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Our mission is the increase and diffusion of knowledge, so we are always looking to strengthen and expand opportunities for experiential education through partnerships.

Do you represent a college, university, or other organization that is interested in partnering with the Smithsonian in the area of internships and fellowships? We welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering opportunities with you.


We currently offer three types of partnerships for intern programs:

  1. Informational
  2. Placement
  3. Internship Courses

Informational partnerships establish direct lines of communication to ensure up-to-date information on opportunities and deadlines. A few examples of our informational partnerships include:

Placement partnerships are established to facilitate placement of students from partnering organizations with a Smithsonian mentor. A few examples of our placement partnerships include:

Internship courses offer a more robust internship experience where students experience all the Smithsonian has to offer. A few examples of our internship course partnerships include:


We also partner with organizations to develop fellowship opportunities. These opportunities can be thematic or open ended.


For more details on our partnerships opportunities, please see our brochure: Smithsonian Internship/Fellowship Partnerships with Your University.