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Atherton Seidell Grant Program

Dr. Atherton Seidell   

Atherton Seidell

In 1979, the Smithsonian Institution received a bequest from the estate of Dr. Atherton Seidell that established an endowment to promote science by making the published records of original scientific research more widely available. The Atherton Seidell Grant Program provides funds on a competitive basis for the dissemination of previously published scientific research. It is open to all members or groups of Smithsonian staff. Awards are for a maximum of $75,000 for each project.

Next Deadline: TBD

If you have any questions regarding proposals, proposal ideas, or the program please call Pamela Hudson-Veenbaas, Program Manager at 202-633-7070 or email at veenbaasp@si.edu.

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Submissions of proposals in pdf format (including scan of signed cover sheet) can be made to veenbaasp@si.edu.

Atherton Seidell Grant Program for Dissemination of Previously Published Scientific Research Guidelines

Cover Sheet

Memo for Requesting Extensions or Budget Reallocations