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Galactic Center Region Internship – Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)

Galactic Center Region

This internship will allow a student to take part in ongoing Galactic Center Region (GCR) research, analyzing data gathered by the Herschel satellite and supplemented with ground-based observatory data. The scientist serving as the mentor for this internship analyzes maps of the GCR’s dust and gas emission with the aim of learning more about the dynamics of dust and gas in our Galaxy, and the GCR specifically. The ultimate goal is to solve the puzzle of why star formation is suppressed in these regions.

The intern will learn what an astronomer does on a day to day basis, and develop skills in data analysis, with both data from a ground base and from a satellite base.

Apply Through: SOLAA

Application Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Stipend: $450 – $550 per week

Term: 2-3 months

Eligibility: A high school student or undergraduate with the following attributes would benefit most from this internship.

  • An interest in astronomy
  • Programming skills (such as in Python), or an interest in learning broad programming language
  • Basic computer skills (such as in MS Word or Latex)
  • Science and math coursework in their background

Contact Email: vtolls@cfa.harvard.edu

Contact Phone: 617-495-7432