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Encyclopedia of Life Leptogastrinae Life Desk

LeptogasDESCRIPTION: This project focuses on enhancing the Leptogastrinae LifeDesk which is part of the Encyclopedia of Life.  This LifeDesk summarizes information about leptogastrinae (robber flies) from around the world for the 472 known species. The internship includes: specimen photography – use digital macrophotography equipment to take high resolution images of specimens from the collection of Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History; image processing – use Photoshop to enhance and adjust the NMNH specimen photographs as well as our backlog of type and non-type specimen photographs from other natural history museums around the world; image publication – upload images to the Leptogastrinae LifeDesk (which shares content with the Encyclopedia of Life) and add metadata; specimen occurrence data capture – enter locality data of specimens from the NMNH and other natural history museum collections into a database for generating online distribution maps; bibliographic supplements – locate open-access literature online (e.g., the Biodiversity Heritage Library) and attach PDFs to the existing bibliography on the LifeDesk.

QUALIFICATIONS: Recent life science graduates and undergraduates (juniors or seniors) with experience in the creation, management, and online dissemination of biological images and literature research are encouraged to apply; excellent communication skills; must be reliable, self-motivated, and capable of working independently.

LEARNING OBJECTIVESThe intern will learn specimen photography, how to use digital macrophotography equipment to take high resolution images of insect specimens; image processing, using Photoshop; and image publication.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Katja Schulz

Phone: Please send resume to schulzk@si.edu

E-mail: schulzk@si.edu