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Encyclopaedia Cinematographica: Ethnographic Film Series Re-Housing Project Internship


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The National Anthropological Film Collection at the National Anthropological Archives (NAA) acquired approximately 985 historic 16mm motion picture film prints in the series named above from its North American distributor Penn State University.  The NAA would like to continue to make these German-produced educational films made throughout the world during the 1940s-1970s available to our researchers.  In order to do so, these film prints must be taken off of their old projection reels, re-housed in new archival plastic film cans and accurately labeled for researcher access.

QUALIFICATIONS: The project is suitable for an undergraduate student with an interest in museum, archives and media collections, as well as library science and ethnographic documentary film. Most of the work is physical to be performed seated at a film re-wind bench where the film will need to be manually wound off of metal reels.  Knowledge of basic Excel and Word documents will be helpful for generating the new film can labels.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The intern will gain basic hands-on experience performing collection processing and care in a film and media archives setting.  The intern will also receive specialized experience in the archival handling of 16mm motion picture film.

TIMETABLE: Due to space constraints, the project can only be worked on 1-2 days per week.  The ideal schedule would be 4-7 hours on either Wednesday or Friday each week.  The project is conceived of as ongoing collections care and maintenance and there is no expectation the intern will complete the re-housing of the entire collection in a single semester.


Name:  Mark White

Phone:  (301)238-1323

E-mail:  whitemk@si.edu

Note: The National Anthropological Archives is located at the Smithsonian Museum Support Center, 4210 Silver Hill Rd. Suitland, MD, 20746