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Australian National University Visiting Fellows

Posted on May 12, 2017 by in The OFI Blog

In 2018, the Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National University will be looking at the humanities’ engagement (and failure to engage) with the accelerating fields of science and technology. The questions we will ask concern our understanding and imagining of the implications of our own rapid scientific and technological development. Do we understand the motivation for a billion-dollar medical science industry, for example, one that promises more and more radical forms of genetic engineering? How have artificial intelligence and robotics redefined what it means to be, and to act, human? To what extent is the development of science and technology culturally and ideologically inflected?

The HRC looks forward to engaging hard scientists, as well as humanists, social scientists, writers and artists, in its conferences and debates and as Visiting Fellows.

Application deadline is Wednesday 5/31/17. You can find out more here.