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Are you a Hero? An Outlaw? A Sage?

Posted on August 11, 2015 by in The OFI Blog



Interns interested in learning principles of marketing convened in OFI’s offices on Tuesday, August 11th for a presentation by Erika Ferrin, Brand Marketing Manager ¬†and Tony Cohn, Brand Marketing Assistant, both in the Smithsonian’s Office of Communication and External Affairs. This highly informative and engaging workshop involved understanding the concept of archetypes: the Hero, the Sage, the Caregiver, the Every Person, the Outlaw and others as a way to understand organizations’ brand development strategies. Deconstructing¬†examples like Nike, Lego, Coca-Cola, and even the Smithsonian Institution, participants engaged in a lively and spirited analysis of how companies, institutions, and even ourselves can learn to more effectively convey¬†our mission and vision when using one or more of these archetypes as models.


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