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Here to Career!

Posted on July 22, 2014 by in The OFI Blog

On July 16th 2014, interns from all over the Smithsonian Institution gathered at the National Museum of American History (NMAH)  for a mix and mingle event and a Here to Career Panel with Smithsonian staff members: Erica Farmer (NMNH), Cynthia Erickson (NZP), Olivia Cadaval (CFCH), Erin Weinman (NMAI) and Omar Eaton-Martinez (NMAH).


Smithsonian interns networking at the mix and mingle event.

Smithsonian interns converse with Director of OFI, Eric Woodard.

Interns were given the opportunity to network with Smithsonian mentors followed by a Q&A session moderated by Greg Bettwy (OHR) in the Warner Brother Theater. Interns asked questions about career experience, opportunities at the Smithsonian, and a myriad of other career related topics.


(From left to right) Greg Bettwy(OHR), Olivia Cadaval (CFCH), Erin Weinman (NMAI), Omar Eaton-Martinez (NMAH), Erica Farmer (NMNH) and Cynthia Erickson (NZP).

Smithsonian Intern Event Video by OFI intern Anne Haines.