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Summer Internship Opportunity: 3-D Reconstruction of Fossil Hominin Postcrania Using Geometric Morphometrics

Posted on April 7, 2014 by in The OFI Blog


Project description: The project seeks to answer questions regarding the anatomy and behavior of the fossil hominins in the Pleistocene of the Koobi Fora formation in East Africa. In particular, we are interested in reconstruction of limb proportions, body size, body shape, joint size and cross-sectional strength of these hominins and consequently interpreting some aspects of behavior from these anatomical traits such as home range size, foraging, and hunting capabilities. The project aims to use existing 3D geometric morphometrics methods to reconstruct missing parts (often fossils are found in a fragmentary state) of fossil hominin postcranial bones from the Koobi Fora formation in Kenya.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to use cutting edge 3D visualization imaging software
  • Familiarize herself/himself with scientific literature on extant primate anatomy, reconstruction methodology, and fossil anatomy

Qualifications: Be a student of Biological anthropology, Vertebrate zoology, Primatology, Osteology or a student with particular interest in these fields.

Timetable: 6/2/2014-7/9/2014 (but could start a week early and could end a week later).

Please Note: This opportunity has been filled. Thank you for your interest!