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Does This Make You Mad?

Posted on March 11, 2014 by in The OFI Blog

It should…

A recent study released by the National Science Foundation found that one in four Americans believes the sun revolves around the Earth. How is that possible? Read about it here.

“One In Four”

Now I don’t know about you, but that makes me mad!

…and it makes me want to do something about it. One of the ways I’m helping to make sure more Americans know more about natural science, art, history, and culture is to make Smithsonian Fellowships as strong as they can be. Would you like to do your part? Consider supporting Smithsonian Fellowships by making a tax deductible gift today.

Through amazing exhibits and programs, over 30 million people who visit the Smithsonian every year experience firsthand the results that come from some of the independent research conducted by Smithsonian Fellows. We know that each of those visitors leaves the Smithsonian knowing at least a little more than they did when they arrived. You can strengthen the contribution Smithsonian Fellows make by making a  contribution of your own today.

Visiting the Smithsonian is free but doing a fellowship here is not. The only way many brilliant young scholars are able to accept a Smithsonian Fellowship and the access it offers to our one-of-a-kind experts, collections, and facilities for their research is through outside support.

If the fact that one in four Americans has a geocentric view of the universe makes you mad, please consider making a gift today to support Smithsonian Fellowships.

The impact of Smithsonian Fellowships reverberates beyond the fellowship experience itself; it excites the learning in our visitors, expands the body of knowledge, and helps launch fellows on careers that involve a lifetime of discovery and teaching others. You can take great satisfaction in knowing that your generosity will truly make a tremendous impact. Make your gift now.