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Former Intern Becomes Natural History’s Newest Filmmaker

Posted on February 20, 2014 by in The OFI Blog


Wei Qian (Eris)

After six months of internship at the National Museum of Natural History, Wei (Eris) Qian  made a smooth transition to her new position as a contract video producer.  Eris continues to produce multimedia materials for NMNH’s new education space Q?rius, which includes activity videos, collection wall videos, and promotional photos that the visitors can see both onsite and online.  She is also working on a mobile app for Natural History’s Hall of Bones.

In addition, Eris also joined the team of Smithsonian Science How? to bring Q?rius to a broader audience. Smithsonian Science How? is a live webcast series that features Smithsonian experts, and streams from the Q?rius theater to homes, classrooms, and fellow museums etc. The program is in the style of scientific television, which is a completely new experience for Eris and the whole team.

Eris is an aspiring photographer and filmmaker, and she considers it as a great honor and experience to work at NMNH. If you’re interested in learning more about her and her work, click here to see her interview on Only Connect.