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Interns Gone Wild!

Posted on June 25, 2013 by in The OFI Blog


     On Thursday, June 20th, Smithsonian Interns went wild…at the zoo, that is. The Smithsonian National Zoological Park opened its gates to a group of interns for a special tour of the park’s grounds. Two of the zoo’s most friendly, knowledgeable, and animal-loving volunteers led the interns around the park to show them almost everything there is to offer. The zoo is home to almost every animal that can be thought of including red panda bears, cheetahs, dama gazelles, lions, orange-faced monkeys and a few vultures here and there. The tour guides shared some pretty impressive knowledge probably unknown by most people. For example, all of the panda bears in the park are on loan to the zoo from the People’s Republic of China. As panda bears are becoming increasingly rare, zoos and the Chinese nation work together to conserve their lives, legacies, and cuddliness. One of the greatest exhibits the Smithsonian zoo has to offer is the newly constructed Elephant Trails. The exhibit is home to several large African elephants, each weighing over 5,000 pounds individually. The elephants are provided with a large, hay filled space for feeding, roaming, and staring back at visitors. Exhibit visitors can get a truly remarkable, up close and personal look at their large friends. Additionally, the exhibit showcases fun facts about the elephants. There is even a large scale to see how many people it takes to equate to an elephant’s weight. The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a fun, educational afternoon. Our only suggestion: bring sunscreen and lots of water. It gets hot like the Sahara Desert out there.