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What the Smithsonian Taught Me About Myself

Posted on April 2, 2013 by in The OFI Blog







My internship with the Smithsonian was a fruitful experience! Just two years ago, I left Saudi Arabia in order to seek a better education and self-empowerment. I landed in the beautiful town of Missoula, MT. It is a small town with lots of green nature and fresh air. It was there that I attended The University of Montana and, thanks to my dedication in the classroom, graduated with Honors. Still, I wanted more, so I went online—thank you internet!—and looked for a place to challenge me and ignite my enthusiasm.

At the top of my list, I found the Smithsonian, where I was chosen as an intern in the Office of Advancement. Through this experience, I not only learned about fundraising procedures and office etiquette, but also how to dress like a true professional! On any day, my regular tasks included: data entry, updating forms, and initiating reports, such as prospect assignments and campaign tracking. I also assisted with pipeline maintenance and clearance, attended weekly meetings, and met many new and interesting people. Overall, my internship was rewarding, as I now have greater confidence in my professional skills and capabilities. Thank you Smithsonian!

Daniyah Alrehaili