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I Spy…

Posted on March 6, 2013 by in The OFI Blog

Ted Dalpino

Smithsonian National Zoo intern Ted Dalpino conducts observations in the Great Ape House; Mandara, a female Western Lowland Gorilla, is conducting observations of her own.

Ted Dalpino is an Ivymount Post High School student currently doing an internship at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo (NZP) under the guidance of  Primate Keeper and mentor extraordinaire Melba Brown.

Thomas and LawrenceMelba’s first two Ivymount students, Lawrence Anderson and Thomas Morere, came to the Zoo in the spring of 2011. Lawrence and Thomas’ observations at the Zoo’s “Lemur Island” resulted in an improved NZP visitor experience and a two part article published by the American Association of Zookeepers which you can read here and here!

Only time will tell where Ted’s observations this term will lead!