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Spring Break: Scanning Hopkins Insect Files


DESCRIPTION: Interns will acquire PDF scans of Hopkins Card Files (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopkins_Notes_and_Records_System) for integration into the USNMHymtypes database (http://www.usnmhymtypes.com/default.asp). These 3×5” cards represent a colossal, handwritten and type-written database of biological data linked to specimens via code numbers. The goal of this project is to internally link 183 type specimens in the USNMHymTypes database to their corresponding Hopkins Card File.

QUALIFICATIONS: Basic computer skills

LEARNING OBJECTIVESInterns will learn how to: (1) scan to PDF Hopkins Card Files; (2) provide all Hopkins PDFs associated with corresponding Hymenoptera type to our web contractor to fully integrate these links into USNMHymtypes.

TIMETABLE: Spring Break       


Project Contact Name: Michael W. Gates

Phone: 202-633-4554

E-mail: michael.gates@ars.usda.gov/matt.buffington@ars.usda.gov