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Spring Break: Invertebrate Zoology Reprint Libraries

DESCRIPTION: Over many decades, individual curators maintained separate reprint libraries focused on their specialty including Ostracod, Amphipod and Freshwater microcrustacean. Much of the literature in these libraries is from very obscure or hard to find sources. When curators left these valuable libraries were boxed up and stored. We are now in the process of bringing these resources back by making them available to new researchers through digital technologies. Some of the literature goes back to the early -mid 1800’s. Interns will participate in unboxing the libraries, alphabetically organizing materials, and incorporating new literature. In addition, interns will learn to scan reprints, creating pdf files which will be added to the Smithsonian digitized library.

QUALIFICATIONS: A general understanding of museum and library collection policies and basic archival processing is a plus. Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and high resolution image scanning is also a plus.

LEARNING OBJECTIVESInterns will learn about collections management techniques and management of scientific literature.

TIMETABLE: Spring Break


Project Contact Name: T. Chad Walter

Phone: 301-238-1764

E-mail: walterc@si.edu