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Office of Public Affairs: Science Writer for Public Affairs Internship

Project Description: The Office of Public Affairs has an opening for a science writing intern.  Term: 3-4 months.  Candidate will be involved in all aspects of writing short feature articles for the Web site Smithsonian Science (Smithsonianscience.org) maintained by the Smithsonian’s Central Office of Public Affairs. Duties will include: reading papers published by Smithsonian staff in scientific journals and performing other general research; conducting interviews with scientists and other Smithsonian staff; generating original story ideas based on current events; writing finished articles under deadline; editing and clearing copy; producing photographs/videos to illustrate articles; writing photo and video captions; assisting in the posting of articles to a public website. All duties aim to further the objectives of the Smithsonian’s Office of Public Affairs in promoting the scientific work of the Smithsonian’s staff.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reading and understanding published scientific papers
  • Writing in a way that clearly summarizes published scientific research while appealing to the general public
  • Generating original story ideas
  • Posting text and graphics to a public website
  • Gaining first-hand experience in the workings of a public affairs office for a major museum and research complex.

Qualifications: Solid knowledge of the principles of journalism and experience in general feature writing

Submission Requirements: Resume and 3 writing samples.

Award Package: none

Contact Person: John Barrat / barratj@si.edu / 202.633.5181

Duration: 4 – 5 months.