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Reporting on Earth’s Active Volcanoes

DESCRIPTION: Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program (GVP) reports on active volcanoes on a global scale, including submarine volcanoes, and publishes the Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network (www.volcano.si.edu). GVP has over 1,000 partners share information and data on active volcanoes providing infrastructure, supporting science and decision makers on topics such as eruption forecasting, hazards, volcano behavior.

QUALIFICATIONS: Earth science or other science background; 2) Technical writing, especially merging words with tables, figures, videos; 3) Web posting/typesetting (Cold Fusion, Html, macros, etc.); 4) Graphics and videos (Adobe CS); 5) Interest in social media and crowd sourcing

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The intern will learn about volcanology on a world-wide scale as well has further gain experience using data management tools.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Rick Wunderman

Phone: (202) 633 1827

E-mail: wunderma@si.edu