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Photographic Show: Unintended Journeys

DESCRIPTION: Interns will assist with the public programming aspects of a new contemporary photographic show, “Unintended Journeys”(http://www.mnh.si.edu/exhibits/unintended-journeys/) at the National Museum of Natural History (February 7 – August 13, 2014). Drawing on images taken by photographers at Magnum Photos, the show focuses on environmental refugees, with particular emphasis on migration and displacements within the last decade due to natural disasters and global climate change. The case studies explored in the exhibit are the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the US Gulf Coast (2005), the earthquake in Haiti (2010), the earthquake and tsunami off the Pacific coast of T’hoku, Japan (2011), issues related to sea-level rise and flooding in Bangladesh’s delta region, and decertification in southern Sudan and northern Kenya. Interns will assist with 1) social media strategy and implementation (rss feed, flicker, blog posts, crowdmap) related to the exhibit, 2) coordinating with local school groups to come and engage with the exhibit; 3) research of global environmental events for social media and programing table; 4) exhibit assessment and evaluation.

QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate and advanced undergraduates preferred with experience/background in anthropology, environmental sciences, museums, new media, and or journalism. Applications for all internships should include a CV and cover letter explaining why they wish to undertake this internship and what their qualifications are.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  Interns will learn various aspects of producing an exhibit.



Project Contact Name: Joshua A. Bell

Phone: 202-633-1935

E-mail: bellja@si.edu