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Fellowship Stipends

Smithsonian Fellowship stipends are not considered salary or compensation, but are awarded to help support a fellow’s study and research efforts during the tenure of their appointment. Portions of stipends may be allotted specifically for health insurance, research, and travel.

Fellows awarded stipends receive a financial summary at the end of each calendar year and are responsible for meeting their own state and federal tax obligations.

Fellowship stipends issued by the Smithsonian vary across programs but generally graduate student and pre-doc fellows are eligible to receive annual base stipends of no more than $32,700, conservators of no more than $37,700, post-doc fellows of no more than $48,000, and certain senior fellows in the earth and space sciences at no more than $53,000.

These amounts are in addition to allowances that may be received for health insurance, research, and relocation travel, which vary by program.

Fellows in residence for 21 days or less are eligible to receive up to $150/day.