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FAQ for Applicants

How can I get contact information about Intern and/or Fellow Coordinators?

There are over 60 internship programs available at the Smithsonian. Each museum and office manages their own programs and has their own intern and fellow coordinators. Contact information for the various intern/fellow coordinators can be found online at http://si.edu/ofi.

How does the ID process work?

All academic appointees in residence for 30 days or longer should have received paperwork from the museum unit for a background clearance to be sent or delivered to the Office of Protection Services (OPS) Personnel Security and ID Office.  The intern/fellow should make an appointment with OPS using the OPS appointment scheduler via public website www.ops.si.edu/PSIO.html

If I am awarded an Internship or Fellowship, will that guarantee me a job when the appointment is over?

No. You will gain excellent knowledge and experience by participating in the appointment. Information on employment at the Smithsonian Institution can be found online at here.

Do interns/fellows receive IRS Form W-2’s or Form 1099’s?

Since interns/ fellows are stipend recipients and not contractors or employees, they do not receive a W-2. They will, however, receive a Financial Statement if they are a U.S. Resident and a 1042S if they are a non-U.S. resident. Recipients will be notified by mail around February or March.

Do interns/fellows receive pay stubs?

Since the IRS does not consider interns, fellows, and other stipend recipients to be employees of the Smithsonian, we do not provide pay stubs.

Do interns and fellow have to report stipends to the IRS?

It is the responsibility of interns and fellows to report their stipend earnings to the IRS. OFI cannot offer any specific guidance on how to file taxes, since we are not tax experts. However, we recommend you refer to the IRS website for specific instruction. See here and for more, here.

Can international students apply for internships or fellowships?

Some Internship and Fellowship programs do accept international students. It is up to the particular program. That information can be obtained by contacting the intern coordinator listed on our website.

Do all Internships or Fellowship have stipends?

Each internship and fellowship is different. To find out which programs provide a stipend go to our website http://www.smithsonianofi.com.  For more information you may contact the intern or fellow coordinator listed with each program.

What is the minimum age for an internship?

Smithsonian accepts applicants from the ages of fourteen and older. If an applicant is fourteen or older but less than eighteen he/she must attach the parental consent form to the application unless he/ she is applying through SOLAA.