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Digitizing Cynipoid Wasps with Hopkin’s Numbers


waspsDESCRIPTION:  Project Description: Interested in digitizing insect specimens and archiving historical biological records? This project’s initiative is to create digital records for each specimen in the superfamily Cynipoidea containing a Hopkin’s card number and then linking that record to a digital image of the associated Hopkin’s record.  The Hopkin’s records provide biological information about the specimens which is stored on 3×5 inch note cards.   Objectives for this position are as follows: 1) attach a barcode label to each wasp with a Hopkin’s number, 2) transcribe label information into a spreadsheet, and 3) scan Hopkin’s note cards for uploading into a database.

QUALIFICATIONS: Some work with insects is preferred, but not required. Interest in curation, archiving, or insect biology a plus

LEARNING OBJECTIVESInterns will learn museum curation techniques, including data archiving and current methods of specimen digitization.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Michael W. Gates

Phone: 202-633-4554

E-mail: michael.gates@ars.usda.gov