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Comparative Biogeography of Pacific Island Plants Internship

DESCRIPTION: The aim of this project is to compare the biogeographic patterns of two large and cosmopolitan plant families to better understand the overall movement of plants and origin of floras in the Pacific oceanic islands. Interns will use the collections housed in the US National Herbarium as well as primary and secondary literature to determine which genera and species of Leguminosae occur on Pacific islands; whether these species are native, endemic, or invasive/naturalized; and where the closest relatives of these taxa are found.

QUALIFICATIONS: Strong interest in botany and/or biogeography; standard computer skills and familiarity with word processing and spreadsheet software (e.g. Word and Excel); attention to detail.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Interns will gain experience in the following areas: collections based research; literature research and interpretation; databasing; biogeographic principles; and the Pacific flora.

TIMETABLE: Indefinite


Project Contact Name: Vicki Funk and Aleks Radosavljevic

Phone: 202-633-0956

E-mail: radosavljevica@si.edu