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Smithsonian Fellowships: Amazing Opportunities for Independent Research

Posted on Dec 26, 2012 by in The OFI Blog

So you want to do a fellowship at the Smithsonian?

Good for you! We’d love for you to apply!

Smithsonian fellowships are awarded competitively to graduate, pre-doctoral, or post-doctoral students – or granted non-competitively to visiting professionals, students, scientists, or scholars – are offered to individuals who design and develop proposals for independent study or collaborative research in fields pursued by and of interest to Smithsonian staff. Smithsonian fellows are generally appointed to terms lasting between 1 to 3 years.

OFI Fellowship Brochure

How you apply…

Smithsonian fellowships offer an incredible range of research opportunities. Because experts in the Smithsonian’s various units (Natural History Museum, Smithsonian Libraries, American Art Museum, etc) understands their respective subject areas, collections, and opportunities for research best, the selection process for different fellowships varies.

Find out more about the variety of fellowship opportunities available at the Smithsonian here:

Fellowship Opportunities